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10 Most Photo-worthy Spots Around the World

Looking to take your selfie to a whole new level? We’ve compiled a list of some of the most photo-worthy spots around the world that’ll amaze you and your friends and have them asking, wow, is that photo real?” 

1. Bagan, Myanmar

A trip to Bagan, Myanmar would not be complete without a morning watching the sun peak over the mountains and dye the sky a wash of gold. Here’s the recipe for that perfect shot: the sunrise, pagodas, the hot air balloons making a steady rise, and you of course! 

2. Casa Del Arbol, Ecuador. 

La Casa Del Arbol is a treehouse located in Baños, Ecuador. A swing (aptly named The Swing At The End Of The World’) hangs from the treehouse and it’s unique location of 2,600 meters above sea level offers visitors a beautiful and terrifying view of the Tungurahua Volcano.

3. Chefchaouen, Morocco.

This is Chefchaouen, Morocco’s famous blue town. Painted in a palette of mesmerizing blue hues, Chefchaouen’s old quarter offers thousands of photo opportunities, and the souqs brim with undiscovered gems. Here’s a selfie tip: wear a striking monochrome colour that contrasts the blue hues to make those photos pop!

4. Gilli Trawangan, Lombok, Indonesia

The Datu Swing is located in Hotel Ombak Sunset in Lombok. Squeeze in a photo op when the waters are calm and the sun is about to set and you’ll end up with a photo that looks like a portal into a whole other world! 

5. Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, USA

The Horseshoe Bend is one of the most photographed spots of the Colorado River and it’s no wonder why. Lace up your hiking shoes, grab your tripod, and take in the breathtaking canyon views!

6. Sólheimasandur Plane Crash, Iceland

Who doesn’t love a good dramatic photo straight out of a dystopian movie? Don’t worry though, all crew-members of the Navy plane survived the crash on Sólheimasandur’s black sand beach in 1973, but the airplane’s fuselage was abandoned to become a photography dream location.

7. Stratosphere Tower, Las Vegas

Now, getting this photo-op requires a bit more courage than some of the other places on this list- especially if you’re afraid of heights! The Insanity ride sits on the tip of the Stratosphere tower is a thrill ride with a massive mechanical arm that extends you 64 feet over the edge at a height of 900 ft. Just smile and wave, and don’t look down!

8. Zimbabwe

This is not photoshopped. This unbelievable photo op is in Maho Beach, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean and with the landing strip just a few feet away, its’ famous for giving beach-goers front row seats to airplane blasting by just a few feet above their heads! 

9. Pedra Telegrafo, Brazil

Hike up the Pedra Telegrafo and you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of Rio de Janeiro. For wannabe-daredevils thirsty for that perfect shot, crop correctly and you can fool your friends with a cliff shot that looks like you’re about to fall thousands of feet below! In reality, there is a plateau just a few meters below the cliff edge, but they don’t need to know that. 

10. Cappadocia, Turkey

Here it is—the photo op to make all your friends green with envy. If you’re looking for that sky-high selfie, the hot air balloons of Cappadocia is probably the perfect place to be. Hop on a balloon and take off for sunrise and drift over surreal landscapes and valleys below you. Take all the majesty in and snap away!
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