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Where to Travel in November

A few of our favourite things happen in November: summer crowds disperse, pleasant weather takes over more places, and bountiful harvests make visiting the countryside an even more delicious experience!

Here are our top places to travel to in November.

1. Abu Dhabi, UAE

In terms of weather, winter is probably one of the best times to visit Abu Dhabi. Day time temperatures rest comfortably between 25 to 30 degrees—ideal conditions for exploring the emirate’s top attractions, lounging on the beach, or visiting the brand new, stunning Louvre Abu Dhabi that’s expected to open on November 11, 2017.

2. Athens, Greece

Athens is a brilliant city break, where the new youth culture is breathing life into this historical city with performance spaces and art galleries. In November, it’s cool enough to wander around the Necropolis and the Parthenon beneath crisp-blue skies.

3. Thailand

November sees the wet season finally shut down across most of Thailand. With the average temperatures reaching 23 degrees celsius, there are a good selection of islands to choose from what will be seeing a lot of sunshine. Head towards the north to Chiang Mai and witness the Loy Krathong Lantern Festival, one of the most breathtaking sights you’ll ever see. 

4. Andalucia, Spain

Make your way to the Southern part of Spain in Andalucia, and you’ll be enjoying beautiful sights, wonderful weather and fewer crowds. We recommend visiting Cádiz- a charming place, hanging off the edge of Spain, bleached white and with the sound of flamenco in the air. 

5. Oman

Since November’s cooler temperatures are making dessert temperatures more forgiving, you might want to consider basking in the majesty of Oman’s natural landscapes this winter. Muscat is where you’ll find age-old traditions, elaborate mosques and scent-filled souks. 

6. Hong Kong

Navigating South East Asia’s weather can be a bit tricky, with high humidity and unpredictable rainfall; this month, however, is a great month to visit Hong Kong. It’s not too steamy to enjoy sunset lounging in one of the rooftop bars overlooking Victoria Harbour, which lights up at 8pm every night for a light show, or for wandering the exuberant streets of Chinatown. 

7. Morocco

Enjoy the winter sun in Morocco with warm yet pleasant days make getting lost in the vibrant streets of Marrakech an enjoyable experience. Take a camel ride into the dunes of the desert region and stay in an overnight camp, or immerse your self in the Imperial city of Marrakech, full of history and everyday bustle. 

8. Mauritius

The average temperature this month is around 24ºC and peaks at 28ºC. Mauritius is an island of volcanic origin, but boasts of some the world’s best beaches, national parks and has an eclectic mix of cultures too. On a beautiful warm day you should definitely head over to the Black River Gorges National Park, Seven Colored Earths and Ile Aux Cerfs.

9. Tuscany, Italy

The colours of Tuscany in November are nothing short of amazing. The fields go back to green, the woods turn into a mixture of yellow, brown, and dark green, and the olive groves are silvery. Get your culture credit in with Renaissance art and architecture, or enjoy the countryside where bountiful harvests of persimmons, oranges, walnuts, and roasted chestnuts make it to the table. 

10. New Zealand

On New Zealand’s South Island, you can ski in the morning and sunbathe in the afternoon. It’s action-packed, with white-water rafting, glacier hiking, bungee-jumping, and sky-diving. The North Island is dotted with hot springs pure bliss and off the coast of Auckland, some of the most amazing beaches you’ll ever see. 
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