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Our Favourite Things to do in Tbilisi, Georgia

Take a stroll through the charming old town, or take a rejuvenating dip in the famous sulphur baths. Here are our favourite things to do in Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, and soon you’ll see why it’s one of the best, most strikingly original cities of the world.

1. Take a stroll through Old Town

Tbilisi Old Town is the historic district of the city. It is the ideal place to get a taste of Georgia’s history—you can spend hours getting lost in the old alleys and backstreets amongst the local art shops, wine houses, and the quaint, family run guesthouses. 

2. Sulphur Baths

No visit to Tbilisi is complete without taking a rejuvenating dip in the famous Sulphur Baths. The city was named after the natural hot sulphur springs after all (Georgian tbili” means warm”).

3. Bite into an Acharuli Khachapuri” or some Khinkali” dumplings

If you want to sink your teeth into the local cuisine, make sure to put these two favourites on top of your list. Acharuli Khachapuri is a Georgian Cheese Bread filled with egg, butter, and of course gooey melted cheese. To get your appetite going, Khinkali are a tasty meat-filled dumpling that releases a rich broth when bitten into. 

4. Take a cable car to the Mother Georgia Statue

The Mother Georgia Sculpture is a statue located just outside of the capital and can be seen for miles around. Taking a cable car up to the foot of the statue will reward you with breathtaking panoramic views of Old Town. 

5. Try the local candy Churchkhela, and Taklpi.”

If you’re traveling with kids or simply want to satiate your sweet tooth, try the Churkhelas and Taklpis—two types of Georgian homemade candies. These are sold from old babushkas on street corners to big shops on the main streets. It´s impossible to walk around Tbilisi without seeing a shop or two selling it.

6. Watch the puppet show at the leaning clock tower

The leaning tower of Tbilisi is one of the city’s most unusual buildings. Tucked into a side street in Old Town, it truly is a bizarre structure; a disheveled clock tower that puts on a charming little animatronic puppet show every hour. 

7. Hike up to the Narikala Fortress

The Narikala Fortress is the most known and ancient monument of Tbilisi’s antiquity—known as the heart and soul of the city” amongst the locals.  Wear your hiking shoes and climb up the hill, the great scenery when you reach the summit is worth it. Make sure you walk around the fortress and the Orthodox church located inside.

8. Visit the Sameba Cathedral

This magnificent building sits on a hill top of St. Elijah in the heart of the city, and although it doesn’t offer the same amount of history as the other beautiful churches speckled across the capital (it was completed in 2004), the impressiveness of its architecture is well worth the visit. 
Its height reaches 78 meters (255 ft) and is the third largest Orthodox cathedral in the world.

9. Enjoy a show at the Paliashvili Opera House

This great Opera House is the home of the Georgian State Ballet and Opera Companies. Although tucked away in a small country, this is one of the world’s leading opera houses. If you’re planning a visit in December, get a ticket for the Nutcracker which runs throughout the month. 

10. Take a day trip out of the city

Finally, what makes Tbilisi a favourite of ours is its size and location. Since it’s located in the central part of the relatively small country of Georgia, you can easily do a day trip to beautiful neighbouring areas (like the mountainous region of Kazbegi!) and still come back by evening. 
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