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10 Magical Winter Cities

For many, there’s nothing more magical a season than winter; the muffled sound of snow falling, the sea of powdery white atop buildings, cars and streets—a complete transformation that almost seems magical. For those of you who love snow and wintery landscapes, take a look at 10 Magical Winter Cities.

1. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the old town of Cesky Krumlov in Czech Republic goes back to the 13th century. This city on the Vltava River will absolutely enchant you during winter with its intimate atmosphere. Narrow lanes, little squares, historical monuments and mysterious corners add to the wintery spirit of the place.

2. Salzburg, Austria

The Old Town is famous around the world for its baroque architecture that looks like a fairytale settlement when covered in snow. Stroll around the city and visit the numerous Christmas markets the city has to offer, watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks and you’ll see why the cold season is a pretty hot’ place during the winter holidays. 

3. Malmo, Sweden

Snow can fall between December and March but it melts quickly, so catch the gorgeous winter scenery while you can. Staying true to its northern reputation, Malmo does not disappoint during the cold season and the gorgeous winter scenery will fascinate even the grumpiest of people.

4. Quebec, Canada

Quebec is a winter wonderland with more than 100 inches of snow a year. Old Quebec is an historic part of the city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Starting in early December, Old Québec is transformed into a real Christmas village. Lights, decorations, and snow create an enchanting setting like no other.

5. Erfurt, Germany

Erfurt doesn’t get an exorbitant amount of snow but when it does it’s magical. The 11th century Erfurt Synagogue, the oldest standing synagogue in Europe, and the medieval city center with its timber-framed houses are beautiful when covered in snow.

6. Prague, Czech Republic

While the Czech Republic‘s capital city has much to offer year-round, including striking architecture, the largest ancient castle in the world, and delicious regional cuisine, in winter the city takes on an almost magical aspect as temperatures drop and the frosts set in.

7. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

There are no two ways about it; Amsterdam is stunning in white. The colder months are a magical time to visit the Dutch capital, when nights are cosy, food is hearty, and everything twinkles in fairy lights.

8. Paris, France

Paris rarely sees snow in winter but the City of Light is stunning if you’re lucky enough to catch it. In winter Paris transforms from City of Lights to City of Fairylights. Even the Champs-Elysées comes into its own with Christmas illuminations in the trees, fir trees at the Rond-Point and a Christmas market in wooden chalets along the roads.

9. New York City, USA 

New York is absolutely gorgeous in winter, with a plethora of exciting events, including a winter carnival and festivals to keep everybody entertained. It’s the city that never sleeps and it certainly doesn’t hibernate during the colder months. 

10. Hallstatt, Austria 

Not a city, but a lakeside town, Hallstatt has every right to make it in every Winter List”. With snow gently blanketing the town and wooden cabins that dot the landscape, it seems as if time has stopped here save for the warm spots of yellow flickering from inside homes. Otherworldly’ is an understatement for this breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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